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Watch Your Stuff From Anywhere

We can fix or install anything that you have no matter where you bought it
We place the transactions on the video
  • The photo on the right shows how the transaction information is overlaid onto the video
  • It allows you to watch what is being rung up or cancelled
  • You can see what is being sold and when it happens
  • And it stops sweathearting
We can fix anything that you have
  • If your current system no longer works, we can get it working again and better than ever
  • Why risk getting robbed or sued when you already have cameras installed
  • We will get everything working again
  • Usually at little cost to you
  • And just like insurance - you can relax and know that you are covered
  • Plus, we get everything up to the internet so you can watch your business from anywhere
Security and Surveillance Camera Systems
  • We offer and install everything that you need to secure your business
  • Access control systems
  • Door and window alarm systems
  • Motion detection devices
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Time clocks
  • Point of sale systems
  • Internet cafes
  • and the house specialty - Surveillance Cameras you can watch over the internet
Customer Service - Second to None
  • Do you remember when America made the best products and believed that the customer was always right?
  • Well we do, and sadly we miss those days
  • But, don't give up hope, because we still provide customer service from the point of view that it is an honor to serve you
  • We will gladly answer as many questions that you have, even if you never use our services
  • Though we want your business, it is much more important to help you as a neighbor
  • We are very confident about our customer service, because we know how much that we care
  • We can provide as many recommendations as you need
We listen
  • You talk - we listen
  • We will provide you with the correct equipment that is easy to understand and does exactly what you want
  • We understand that you are a business owner and not a technician
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