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This is our dashboard cam page. We will be adding links, cameras and a shopping cart in the next few days. In the meantime, please give us a call at 617-268-8078 and we can answer any questions and provide as much information as you need.

We currently have the following dashboard cams:
dvr 207 - $60 plus taxes and shipping
dvr 207gs - $65 plus taxes and shipping

Selecting a dashboard cam and what options to look for
Reasons to have a dashboard cam:
  • Fun - have video of your journeys,
  • Accident evidence - capture what actually happened,
  • Authority abuse - if an authority figure or anyone else abuses you - you will have video and audio of the incident,
  • Insurance fraud - prove that someone else is up to no good,
  • Parking protection - if someone hits or damages your parked vehicle you'll have the evidence
  • Guest drivers - if a relative, friend or valet uses your vehicle - you'll see what they did.
Things to look for in dashboard cams:
  • Image Quality - google the camera model and view users' videos - both during the day and at night,
  • Night Vision - again review users' videos,
  • Record While Parked - this requires that the camera be hardwired to your battery - and needs a camera that can withstand summer heat - and may also need a device to shut the camera off if the battery in your car gets too low
  • Wi-Fi Capability - if you want to watch your camera from your home through your wireless router - you will need to be within range of your router.
Thank you for both your patience and for stopping by. We would be honored if you let us help you acquire a dashboard cam.

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