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    List of IP and Analog Camera Differences and Benefits

    Analog Cameras versus Digital (IP - internet protocol) Cameras

  • There are two types of security cameras - analog and digital

  • Digital cameras are also called IP cameras, which stands for internet protocol indicating that each camera has an ip address and can be contacted directly through the internet

  • Both analog and IP camera systems can be seen over the internet

  • Analog is old school but still constitutes 80% of our business. The video is sent over coaxial cable straight to a DVR

  • IP is high-definition video and is sent over cat-5e cable

  • Analog is less expensive than IP

  • IP has superior video quality over analog

  • All surveillance cameras will eventually be IP cameras

  • Converting from analog to IP means either running new wires or buying video encoders to convert the signal

    IP Camera Benefits

  • Ip camera prices have fallen and are now more afforadable for homeowners, condo owners, landlords and renters

  • With ip cameras you can watch your property over the internet from anywhere.

  • Emails with pictures get automatically sent to your phone or computer any time motion occurs - as if you were right there

  • Landlords can affordably watch all of their properties and see who comes and goes, and when

  • Want to check on an elderly parent? Install a camera in their home and get emails with pictures of them everyday – and talk to them directly through the ip camera

  • Condo owners can split the cost and get all of the protection and benefits

  • Check on kids, deliveries, pets, neighbors, contractors or just daydream out a window

  • Real estate professionals and home sellers – add a low cost selling point and close the sale

  • Everything gets saved to your hard drive – so you can view the images at any time

  • Vacation homes, boats, and vehicles can all be watched year-round from your pc at home or in work

  • Business owners can watch their cash registers, workers, and customers comfortably from home – or very inexpensively convert their current analog cameras to ip cameras

  • Concerned about crime? Place ip cameras like these and watch your property anytime, from anywhere

  • Full color ip camera prices start as low as $179

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